COME JOIN US in our new music history and appreciation class, Choral Music through the Ages: An Interactive Class on How to Listen.  The GMChorale’s new offering will explore how choral music composers and musicians have responded to times of turbulence, times of peace, and the changes reflected in society.   This interactive class will cover choral music and its reaction to history, politics, culture, and the arts as it seeks to answer, “How has creativity evolved in response to a changing world and how does it reflect our society today?” In a fun format led by teachers of art, history, and music, students will engage in listening sessions, breakout discussions, and challenging exercises for their ears and eyes!  Artistic Director, Joe D’Eugenio, will lead us into new levels of knowledge on this educational and entertaining journey, as we see how music and culture reflect one another – so relevant for our modern times. We look forward to seeing you there!

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